Hi there.

My name is Jodie Ansted (obviously - otherwise wouldn't it be weird if I had "Jodie Ansted" on my blog banner, but it wasn't my name?). I'm a wife of one, mother to three (all boys - but don't feel sorry for me - I like it that way!), sister, friend and occasional freelance writer (although admittedly it's been a while since I've done any of that). I started blogging in 2009, but took a (much needed) four-month break before starting up this site.

Up until my blogging break, I had a blog called Mummy Mayhem. I loved MM - in truth, it was a blog that helped me find myself, something I really needed to do at the time - but it became a blog I hadn't intended it to be. I started taking on products to review, and although I enjoyed that at first (and my kids LOVED all the free Lego!), it would become something that I found eventually compromised my writing. Just to keep up with all that I took on, I started churning out posts just to maintain my readership, and, as a consequence, I feel my writing suffered. I was creating content, nothing more; I wasn't writing posts that I was proud of. I always said that if blogging started to feel like a chore, I'd stop doing it. In the end it did. So for about four months, I stopped blogging all together.

Best. Decision. EVER.

After my break, and with much consideration, I decided to start More than words. I chose to start a whole new site to give myself a fresh start. Here, I write when I feel like it. Sometimes that's a couple of times a month, sometimes it's every four months! During my blogging break, I discovered life is all about balance, and I can't be present in my real life if I'm here in the blogosphere all the time. But I do enjoy writing, so I need to make time for that as well. (Just not too much time that it interferes with my family life!) I'm no longer concerned about how many people read (or don't read) my blog. It's not about the stats; this site is my creative outlet - nothing more, nothing less. In fact, that's what I'd hoped for when I started MM. (Live and learn, eh?)

A little more about me: I love to read (I've discovered some really talented Aussie writers in recent years). I love cooking and entertaining (I used to have a recipe blog, but I don't post there anymore. There's just not enough hours in the day!). After a move to the northern beaches in 2013, I love nothing more than a good walk along the beach, and I recently took up stand up paddling (great for fitness and relaxation at the same time) - because you can't live near the ocean and not have a water sport, right? Oh, and I like to write. (Natch.)

My motto in life is: You only live once, so enjoy it!

I hope you'll join me here, and please feel free to contact me any time.