Hi there.

My name is Jodie Ansted (obviously - otherwise wouldn't it be weird if I had "Jodie Ansted" on my blog banner, but it wasn't my name?). I'm a wife of one, mother to three (all boys - but don't feel sorry for me - I like it that way!), sister, friend and occasional freelance writer (although admittedly it's been a loooong time since I've done any of that)! I started blogging in 2009, but took a (much needed) four-month break from the end of 2011 before starting up this site in March 2012.

Up until my blogging break, I had a blog called Mummy Mayhem. I loved MM. In truth, it was a blog that helped me find myself, something I really needed to do at the time, but it became a blog I hadn't intended it to be. I started taking on products to review, and although I enjoyed that at first (and my kids LOVED all the free Lego!), it would become something that I found eventually compromised my writing. Just to keep up with all that I took on, I started churning out posts just to maintain my readership, and, as a consequence, I feel my writing suffered. I was creating content, nothing more; I wasn't writing posts that I was proud of. I always said that if blogging started to feel like a chore, I'd stop doing it. In the end it did.

Best. Decision. EVER.

After my break, and with much consideration, I decided to start More than words. I chose to start a whole new site to give myself a fresh start. Here, I write when I feel like it. Sometimes that's a couple of times a month, sometimes it's every four months or only four times a year! During my blogging break, I discovered life is all about balance, and I can't be present in my real life if I'm here in the blogosphere all the time. But I do enjoy writing, so I need to make time for that as well. I'm no longer concerned about how many people read (or don't read) my blog. It's not about the stats; this site is my creative outlet - nothing more, nothing less. In fact, that's what I'd hoped for when I started MM. (Live and learn, eh?)

A little more about me: I love to read (I've discovered some really talented Aussie writers in recent years). After a move to the northern beaches in 2013, I love nothing more than a good walk along the beach (or just lazing around looking at it is pretty alright too), and I love getting out on my SUP (stand up paddling) board (great for fitness and relaxation at the same time). I mean, you can't live near the ocean and not have a water sport, amiright?

Oh, and I like to write. (Natch.)

If you ever want to get in touch, feel free to contact me any time. (Although, for the record, sponsored posts and/or product reviews aren't my thing anymore!)