Thursday, June 2, 2016


You know how you're either a cold-weather person, or a warm-weather person? I'm the latter. Through and through. I love summer. I love walking around in shorts and t-shirts and sleeping with just the sheet over me. I love the sound of a whirring fan and sinking in to the ocean or the pool on a really hot day.

Thank GOD I was born in Australia where our winter is so short. (Well, unless you live in Tassie, that is. Brrrr.) This year, autumn lasted for all of a whopping five days here in Sydney! Mr A and I once spent a week in Ireland visiting his rellies way back in '97 and let me tell you, I froze my arse off there. Worse than the cold though was the damp. I accidentally left a cardigan near some floor to ceiling windows overnight in his Aunt's house, and the next morning it was practically dripping wet. Ireland is beautiful, but I refuse to go there again unless it's summertime! (And I will go back someday. I want the kids to see where their dad spent some of his childhood.)

Winter makes me ... moody. I'm not nearly as motivated as I am normally. I eat too much. I exercise less. (Not a great combination, is it?) My stress levels peak when it pours with rain on the school run (it's manic out there at the best of times). I feel less inclined to socialise. Especially at night (too cold)! This year, I know I'll feel frustrated that I won't get out on my paddle board as regularly as I have over the last six months. (But I refuse to let a little cold weather stop me altogether from getting out on the water on the warmer, sunny days!) 

However, there is an upside or two to being forced more indoors. Not only will I probably more successfully manage the ironing pile again, I can write and read more. I haven't been doing much of either lately because I've been getting out and about on my board, leaving just enough time to get everything around the house done. There hasn't been a lot of additional play time to read or write

Not that I feel that's a bad thing, per se. I'm actually okay with it. Like Elle says in Legally Blonde, 'Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.' Fact.

However, just like exercise, reading and writing also makes me happy. Relaxed. Maybe if I indulge in a little more of it, my winter blues will lift?

Yep. Time to put the heater on, make myself a nice, hot cappuccino, grab a book from the huge pile I still have and set myself up on the daybed for a good read, or I can pop my headphones on with some motivational music and get writing! (After a quick walk or workout and the chores are done, that is.*) 



*Written for the benefit of Mr A in case he's reading this. Wouldn't want him to think I spend my days at home lazing around on the daybed. I don't. Honest. *cough*


  1. I always have grand plans to read more when winter arrives, but then spend each evening tinkering with stuff on the web. Not clever. I think the only times I ever really get to read these days are while commuting to distant client sites with work on the train (although saying that, trying to read on the Underground in London is a lottery at the best of times).

    1. I bet it is, Jonathan! People watching in itself would be a distraction enough. I remember being fascinated when I was there in '91. :) We are having a VERY wet weekend here in Sydney, so I'm thinking a good reading session is in order this arvo!


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