Friday, February 5, 2016

I've still got it

During the last week of the recent school holidays, I took the kids to Westfield because we needed to do all that last minute stuff you have to do before the new school year starts. Like pick up the last few bits of stationery, get haircuts and eat fast food. (Okay, so the 'fast food' part isn't something you are required to do before school starts but ... whatever.)

Anyhoo, as we entered the centre I could hear a bunch of girls screaming. The screaming was slowly building and I could tell they were all tres excited; something big was going on. As we got closer, I could make out a large video screen that appeared to be broadcasting a band on a stage.

'Oh, boys,' I said, slightly excited myself, 'I think there's a performance going on. I wonder who it is?' The boys were all a bit Meh about the whole situation, but I didn't allow this to hinder my interest.

As we got closer I could finally make out the faces of the performers, and I said aloud, 'Oh, it's The Vamps!'

Now, I have to admit I surprised myself at this point. Although I could definitely hum and sing a few of the words to one of their songs, I couldn't tell you the actual name of it (I just Googled it: 'Can We Dance' - well, duh), but I was still pretty impressed with myself that, at the age of 45, I still know a bit of what's going on in the music world, especially for the 'youngsters'.

As I ordered a burger for Middle Son from KFC (nothing but the best for my children), with the music and the screaming pounding all around us, I said loudly to the young female KFC employee behind the register, 'IT'S VERY LOUD IN HERE, ISN'T IT?'

'YEAH, IT IS,' she replied, leaning forward so I could hear her, 'I'M NOT REALLY SURE WHAT'S GOING ON HERE TODAY.'

I must have given her my are-you-SERIOUS? look.

'IT'S A LIVE PERFORMANCE! THE VAMPS ARE PLAYING!' I replied, smiling, thinking she would then be all like, WHAAAAAT? and maybe jump over the counter and push past me to make her way towards the music and the screaming girls so she could join them.

Instead she looked blankly at me, furrowed her brow then shook her head in confusion. 'THE VAMPS!' I repeated, convinced she probably hadn't heard me the first time. (It was really loud in there.)

The girl shook her head again and shrugged her shoulders, still looking confused.

I looked down at her name tag. 'EMILY,' I said, giving her my best mock exasperated look, 'it's THE VAMPS!' Nup, nothing. 'THEY'RE A BAND FROM ENGLAND?' Blank, blank, blankety-blank. 'OH, EMILY,' I replied, laughing, 'YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT, I SHOULDN'T - YOU'RE MUCH YOUNGER THAN ME!'

Emily laughed. Granted, she was probably thinking, Crazy old lady and hoping my son's burger would appear at that very moment so I would get the hell out of there, but I think she appreciated the irony of the situation.

I'm not gonna lie: I walked away feeling quite proud of myself. Yes ... yes, I did. My kids might think I'm so daggy when I dance around the kitchen listening to my music from the nineties, and they're forever telling me how old I am because I'm 'almost fifty' (hardly - not even close. Ahem), but I reckon I'm pretty with it.

Yep. I've still got it, people. ;)


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