Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The writing year that wasn't

Almost a year ago to the day, I promised myself I would write more in 2014. My initial thought was to continue writing a book (a fictional story) that I started during the fiction writing course I took some time back. My tutor at the time commented that she thought it a story that could work well. But then I got distracted writing another story that suddenly came to me (I started it as a short story, but then it got bigger and bigger ...), and then I got distracted again thinking about yet another storyline that I felt could work, even if it seemed it could be a little tricky to write (for various reasons).

After confusing myself considerably, around mid-year I decided I would step away from the fiction writing altogether for a bit - give myself a break from it, you know? - and focus again on freelance writing instead, as I hadn't written an article in a good while. I thought I'd better hone my skills some more before leaping in to that again, so I took an online course.

To be honest, I didn't enjoy that course as much as the fiction writing one. It had nothing to do with the course itself, or the tutor (someone I admire greatly); rather it was about my mindset, I think. I just really love writing fiction, and although I like writing articles (and blog posts!), the process of doing so doesn't come as naturally to me as writing fiction does (never has). Nor, to be honest, do I find it as enjoyable.

After the course finished, and we were encouraged to go out and start thinking of ideas for articles to write, and figure out what publications to approach with those ideas, I couldn't get in the head space to even consider doing it. I guess, almost immediately after the course finished, I pretty much abandoned the idea of writing articles again. For the time being, at least.

And yet, I still didn't go back to my fiction writing either. I suppose I've been a bit distracted this past year with other things, not to mention my dodgy elbow hindered my writing capabilities for a good six weeks. I think all in all, I haven't been 'in the zone' to dive in to my writing with enthusiasm. I need to sort out what story I want to write, and write it. (And stick to one story!) I have a terrible habit of starting things and not finishing them. Always have, actually. (Not a trait I'd like my kids to pick up from me any time soon.)

And so, even though I made a New Year's resolution of sorts last year to write more, I'm making one again now.

It's a good thing it's here in writing, eh?



  1. Hi Jodie! Great to see you back again. The new ideas are always better than the one you're working on, and always look easier to write. It took me a long time, and some great advice, to learn to make careful notes about the new, shiny idea, and then put it away while I slog through and finish the story I'm working on. You can do it! A

    1. Allison, your advice is ALWAYS welcomed, and thanks for your (ongoing) encouragement! xox

  2. New Year's Resolutions are so hard. Maybe this year... x

    1. Which is why I try to avoid them, Bron! But yes...maybe this year. *crosses fingers* xox


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