Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Quirky stuff people do


I'm a Virgo. (Please don't hold that against me.) I'm not in to all the Astrology stuff per se (except for a brief time in the late eighties/early nineties when I read my star sign every Sunday looking for any guidance about my non-existent and terribly unsuccessful love life) but I do think there are similar traits that people born under the same star sign possess.

Apart from many other things (some not so positive) Virgos are analytical. Sometimes to the point where we think way too much about stuff we really shouldn't bother thinking about, but it's what we do.

The other day I was analysing thinking about certain traits that people I know possess that could be considered kind of quirky by some. Like, for example, one woman I know always reads books this way: She reads the start of the book then she goes to the end and reads that, then she resumes reading from where she left off near the start. What the...?! I hear you ask.

She does this because she finds if she doesn't know the ending, she spends the whole book worrying about how it's going to end, and feels she then doesn't spend enough time focussing on the characters themselves and the storyline itself. Knowing how the story ends settles her enough to, as she put it, 'Enjoy the book fully.'

Not how I would choose to read a book, but I bet she's not the only one.

Another friend of mine, who has never been a big make-up wearer herself, loves ...  LOVES watching make-up tutorials on YouTube. She reckons she's literally spent hours watching make-up being applied online. I can't tell you how much this revelation surprised me!

And me? Well, I reckon I have a few quirky habits/interests. For example, I can't cut raw meat without wearing plastic food preparation gloves. The idea of the raw meat getting under my fingernails? Ewww.

People are fascinating creatures, aren't they?

Any quirky stuff you do?