Monday, February 24, 2014

My writing space


Many years ago, Mr A and I went to see a house that was for sale. At the time, we weren't thinking of moving or anything, but we wanted to get an idea of what sort of home we could eventually move to within the next few years. (That's my long-winded way of saying we pretty much had nothing better to do one Saturday. Oh, how times have changed since then - thank you, Saturday sport.)

The house was great. Very big. WAY over our price range, unfortunately (which we didn't realise until we got there and asked the agent the price - gulp!), but gorgeous. The thing I loved about it the most was the study. It was a fairly plain room, but had huge potential, mostly for its position. It had french doors leading out to a small patio, overlooking the backyard pool. I imagined myself sitting in there, my desk facing the french doors, the walls painted a pale green and the existing wooden bookshelves removed or repainted white. Oh, yes. I had it all planned. It was going to be ALL MINE, and Mr A's study would be relocated to an upstairs spare bedroom.

From that moment on, whenever we looked at a house, I would always compare the study, or study space, with that house.

The house we live in now has a study, with enough desk space for two. (I loved this house so much when we saw it, that it became the first house that I didn't compare the study to the one in that other house!) The study here is nice enough, but note quite what I had imagined for myself. I'd always imagined my own space. (And there's no spare room in this house for Mr A to create a study in, unfortunately!)

Before we moved in, I thought about creating a study space for myself in our bedroom, because the bedroom is fairly spacious. Mr A thought that a pretty good idea, but when we finally moved in, I changed my mind. (A woman's prerogative, you know.) Although it's a lovely outlook from the bedroom, I couldn't imagine myself sitting in there, writing at my desk, as cute as I'm sure I'd have made it look!

I soon found another option. You see, we have a nice, large kitchen bench, and at one end of the bench we have some cupboards hidden behind some fold away doors. Underneath the kitchen bench is more cupboard space. There's a lovely outlook from the kitchen in both directions and the light in there (here) is fantastic. I realised I didn't need an actual 'study', just a study space, and the kitchen bench meets every requirement I can imagine. (Besides, it's also close to the coffee machine. Very important.)

My 'desktop' is my laptop on the bench and my pens, pencils, stationery items etc are in the bench top cupboard behind the fold away doors (that I mostly leave open). I have even adorned the shelves with photos of my family and best friends. Everything else I need is stored underneath the bench top in the cupboards there. Perfect.

Moving here made me realise that you don't really need an actual study per se these days. Most people work on laptops and iPads anyway so we're all pretty portable. At best, you need a filing cabinet somewhere (which you can put pretty much anywhere). And besides, I don't just write at the kitchen bench. I also write on the couch, outside on the balcony, while lying on my tummy on our bed ... wherever I feel like it.

Whatever works.

Where do you write?



  1. I have a beautiful study with a glass-topped desk and big leather "Dr Evil" chair... it's quiet and calm and contemplative...

    I, of course, write in my lounge room with my laptop on my lap with my cats and my partner rushing around me, usually with music blaring out of my stereo and the TV on (with the sound down)...

    I can't write by myself in the quiet... stupid quiet contemplative study!

    1. Ha ha ha! Loving the idea of that 'Dr Evil' chair though! ;)


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