Thursday, January 16, 2014

Notes for Mum

I needed a little notepad to write quick notes to teachers or to accompany forms when posting etc, and I found a gorgeous one late last year. Every page has different, cute little pictures on it.

The notepad gave me an idea.

Remember the old days when we used to write letters? As in, pick up a pen, grab some paper and write? Well, I rarely do that these days. Who does? With email and texting, we're pretty much covered communication-wise, right?

But my Mum comes from a time when everyone wrote letters. She doesn't have a computer and probably couldn't even work out how to turn one on, nor does she text. So, I decided that I'd use my lovely notepad to write her short letters containing memories of my childhood. I've written a few so far, including one about how I loved going to the garden centre on weekends with Mum and Dad - always begging them for a plant, that I would eventually kill. (No green thumb here.) Then I wrote about how watermelon always reminds me of summers in Perth and eating it on our patio with she and Dad, the  afternoon winds (AKA The Fremantle Doctor) whipping through and cooling us down. I'm sending one today about my memories of the vegetable garden Dad set up in our backyard and how much I enjoyed coming home from school and eating ripe baby tomatoes with my friend, Teresa, as an afternoon snack.

The letters help me recall fond memories of my childhood, and I hope it gives my Mum a little entertainment when she receives them. She misses my father terribly, and seeing I'm not there to visit, it's my way of letting her know I'm thinking about her.


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