Thursday, January 16, 2014

Notes for Mum

I needed a little notepad to write quick notes to teachers or to accompany forms when posting etc, and I found a gorgeous one late last year. Every page has different, cute little pictures on it.

The notepad gave me an idea.

Remember the old days when we used to write letters? As in, pick up a pen, grab some paper and write? Well, I rarely do that these days. Who does? With email and texting, we're pretty much covered communication-wise, right?

But my Mum comes from a time when everyone wrote letters. She doesn't have a computer and probably couldn't even work out how to turn one on, nor does she text. So, I decided that I'd use my lovely notepad to write her short letters containing memories of my childhood. I've written a few so far, including one about how I loved going to the garden centre on weekends with Mum and Dad - always begging them for a plant, that I would eventually kill. (No green thumb here.) Then I wrote about how watermelon always reminds me of summers in Perth and eating it on our patio with she and Dad, the  afternoon winds (AKA The Fremantle Doctor) whipping through and cooling us down. I'm sending one today about my memories of the vegetable garden Dad set up in our backyard and how much I enjoyed coming home from school and eating ripe baby tomatoes with my friend, Teresa, as an afternoon snack.

The letters help me recall fond memories of my childhood, and I hope it gives my Mum a little entertainment when she receives them. She misses my father terribly, and seeing I'm not there to visit, it's my way of letting her know I'm thinking about her.


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Books I love: Barracuda, Return to Life & Gone Girl


I've already read three books during these school holidays, which is something of a recent record for me. I'm usually only grabbing a small bit of reading time each day at best, but I'm spending a lot more time with books at the moment. (Not to mention that I don't watch a lot of tv these days either.)

I finished our latest book club offering, Barracuda by Christos Tsiolkas. LOVED it. Couldn't put it down, and it was so well written. I'd really recommend you pick it up this summer/winter (depending where you are) and give it a go. Can't wait to discuss it with my Book Club in Feb.

The second book I read was Return to Life by Jim B Tucker, MD. This is a non-fiction book written by a scientist who has studied kids who seem to recall a past life. Interesting. I'm a healthy sceptic of all things supernatural, but love reading about this stuff and forming my own opinion. There's one case in particular in the book that I defy you to not believe in - even a little! It's the story of James - a kid who seems to have been an American pilot during WWII - fascinating stuff! Towards the end it started to get a bit technical and I found myself skipping pages (I like reading the case studies the most), but worth a read if you're in to that kind of thing.

The third book I picked up was Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl. Brilliant. Couldn't put it down either, but admittedly was a little disappointed with the ending. Not sure if I'm completely comfortable about the ending, but it was definitely a great read. (And you might love the ending - I don't know!)

I'm now reading a classic I've wanted to read for a while: Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights. Let's see how that goes. There are a number of other books I'm itching to read and I'm one of those readers who often start and stop with books - or have a few on the go. I just thought, after the last few books I've read, it might be nice to pick up a classic.

Whatchya reading at the mo?


Saturday, January 4, 2014

A new beginning

I have entered 2014 with a renewed sense of hope and happiness. There's something about a new year that gives you a sense that you can leave behind all that wasn't great during the previous year and start afresh, don't you think?

Mr A asked me the other day what new year's resolutions I have. The first one to spring to mind was, 'To write more.' I don't necessarily mean here, but in general. I've started a few pieces of writing over the past year or so that have been mostly neglected because there has been so much else on. As I said to Mr A, I'd like to set aside some more time to write this year.

So I will. I plan to, at least.

Happy 2014. Hope it's a good one - for all of us.