Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What a twit


Back in 2009, not long after I discovered blogging I also discovered Twitter. After a rather shaky start, I was soon hooked on the social networking site.

I remember the first 'Twitter Party' I attended. A bunch of us were online, drinking and tweeting one Friday night (natch). I thought it was fabulous. I could sit in my daggy track pants, drink wine and 'chat' without having to drive home later. Awesome.

I was on Twitter so much back then, that when I failed to update over a 24 hour period once (because my youngest son injured himself and we spent that time at the hospital - it was during my pre-iPhone days), I logged on to discover at least a half dozen tweets from people asking where I was. Are you ok @jodieansted?! Where is @jodieansted?! 

That was the first inkling I had that Twitter had become far too big a part of my life at the time. I was so addicted to it, I just had to say good morning and good night every day. If I didn't, I'd feel anxious - like something was missing. When I'd go out anywhere - shopping or out for the day with my family - I'd start to worry what I was missing and become anxious to get home and check my Twitter feed. In fact, everything I did or saw during those outings, I so desperately wanted to share with my followers.

When my love of blogging started to wane, and I eventually gave it up for four months, my days on Twitter soon followed suit. I started to tweet less and less. Eventually, no one asked where I was anymore when I wasn't there, and I was absent from my Twitter feed for days, then weeks and eventually months at a time.

These days, I occasionally jump on, read some Tweets and sit there trying to think of something to say. Most of the time, nothing comes and on the odd occasion something does, I'm on there for such a short period of time, it's hardly worth the effort. It feels to me as though the feeds are just filled with self promotion and silly conversations that have no relevance or meaning. Of course, that can't always be the case (how would I know? I'm barely on there!), but the spark of Twitter for me has been lost. I'm on Facebook much more, and I'm not even on that a lot these days either.

Twitter may be a pretty handy social networking tool, but it can also be a big, fat waste of one's time. Although I don't plan to give it up, I'm glad I'm not on there like I used to be.

Do you 'do Twitter'? Facebook? Emails? Letters written with a real pen and paper? How do you prefer to stay connected?



  1. Apart from my blog going up on twitter about any new post ,i am hardly on there as well even days at a time not months as yet but i don't think i am too far behind you ;-)

  2. It comes and goes... sometimes I post a lot on SM... sometimes I engage with people on SM a lot... sometimes I disappear...

    I do worry about the transitory nature of SM sometimes - I've had people disappear on SM sometimes, and it can be a kick in the guts.. almost like losing a friend... and I worry people might feel the same way when I disappear as well...

    I think humans are still learning how to cope with SM - 100 years from now people will look back on us and think we were idiots! ;)


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