Sunday, November 24, 2013

One of those posts about nothing


You know what blog posts I find most annoying to read? The ones where bloggers write, 'Oh, I don't know what to write lately. I seemed to have lost my inspiration/mojo/desire to blog. In fact, I have nothing to write right now.' I always read those posts and think, Well, what was the bloody point of writing that?!

And yet here I am, writing one of those posts.

It seems everything I want to write about lately is too personal or too personal for someone else. Or too sad (I'm still experiencing a lot of emotions about my Dad's death). Or maybe too boring for you (yet, perhaps interesting for me)?

That's one of the reasons I stopped blogging back when I was writing Mummy Mayhem. Everything I wanted to write about I felt I shouldn't. Or couldn't. I often read other blog posts and think to myself, They shouldn't have shared that. I used to think that bloggers should be able to share anything and everything, but now I don't think that's entirely true. Or rather, there are always exceptions to the rule. There are some things best left unsaid. Not shared. Not discussed.

I also think there are bloggers who experience exactly what I'm experiencing now, hence they produce blog posts like this about 'nothing', or posts that contain 147 photos of their breakfast that morning - and they're not even food bloggers! (Seriously, how many ways can you photograph an egg? *yawn*)

Don't worry - I'm not talking about any deep, dark secrets I can't expose. It's not quite that dramatic! But I'm very conscious about writing about things that, say, indirectly affect me, because they directly affect someone else. (Is it really my story to tell? Even if I am part of that story?) Even back in my old MM days, I ended up deleting a couple of posts I'd written about my boys, in case it was something they weren't pleased about reading when they were older, or could potentially make them a target for teasing at school. There were also a couple of times I wrote stuff that others weren't pleased about, because it involved them. Even if it wasn't actually obvious it was them, you know? I never ... NEVER ... intentionally set out to hurt anyone with anything I wrote, but I did. Perhaps that has made me slightly paranoid about what I share now? Probably.

And so, I sit and struggle with what to write sometimes. I have posts in my Drafts folder that I read, think are relevant and fairly well written - unlikely to hurt anyone (I think!) - but I don't end up posting them. Maybe I eventually will. Maybe I'm just over-thinking it all a little? Perhaps.

I guess I just need a little more time to work that out.



  1. Welcome to my head! This is why my blogging is so sporadic. Some months I'm all gun-ho and happy to share. Other months I can't get the words out as my brain tosses them around with so much uncertainty and self doubt. Oh, how I relate. xo


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