Monday, September 30, 2013

The Book Club


I used to be a part of book club a long time ago. It was in my 'pre-kids' days when there was a lot more time for reading (even though I worked in a very busy, demanding corporate bank during the week). Every month we met at someone's house, talked about the book and, most importantly, drank wine.

This time around, my book club is made up of a group of mums from my youngest sons' school. Just like me, they're all far busier than I was during my working days. Motherhood does that to you. It's exhausting - and some of them hold down a job too (of the paying kind, that is). Whatever our circumstances, I'm sure we wish we had more time to read.

So, our club meets bi-monthly, giving us, in theory, plenty of time to read the chosen book. Having said that, by the first book club meeting I hadn't actually, er ... finished the book. *cough* Not a great start, I admit, but I'm planning on making up for that.

We all get a turn choosing a book and I was excited to choose this time because I'd been dying to read Kylie Ladd's latest work of fiction Into My Arms. As you may be aware, I'm very keen on Australian authors and Kylie is one of my faves. I even interviewed her for Mummy Mayhem back in the day.

I had meant to give you a little more warning of this, but then life took an unexpected turn. However, it's not too late - if you'd like to join me (in the virtual way) in reading Kylie's book, there's still just under a couple of weeks left before my book club meets on Friday 11 October. Then it'll probably take me another few days, perhaps even a week, to share what we thought of Kylie's book with you - and then you can join in here if you like! Into My Arms is a great read, and if you're like me you won't be able to put it down and it'll be finished in an instant! Or, if you just want some ideas about what to read next, keep an eye out for these posts.

Next time I post, I'll also let you know what we're reading next and you'll have a full two months to read it.

Are you a member of a book club, or two? What are you reading at the moment?


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