Monday, September 2, 2013

About this writing thing ...


How the heck are you?

Although I've always said on this site that I would only write when I felt the need to and/or had something to say, I didn't plan on taking this site quite so casually. It has been over seven months - seven, people - since my last post.

Not long after I wrote that post, we moved to a rental property. Saying goodbye to our home of twelve years was both emotionally and physically exhausting. The boys were probably more upset about the move than Mr A and I were, but my heart still felt heavy when I closed our front door for the last time and, admittedly, I shed a tear (or ten). But as I anticipated, we all got through it.

We then holidayed for four weeks as a family (a much needed break after the whole house sale thing), then two weeks after our return, we moved again.

The second move was far more enjoyable because we moved to our new house - in a whole new area - and we LOVE it here. We're now commuting to school (we've gone from a two minute walk to a thirty minute drive), but it has been so worth it. Life is good.

Add to all that another (fairly recent) trip back to Perth with my boys - to visit my family - and it's fair to say that not only have I been a busy little lass as of late, I also don't want to see another suitcase for a Very. Long. Time.

Writing, therefore, has taken a backseat to packing, unpacking, buying and selling furniture and everything else that comes with moving house. I've missed it. Time to get back in to it, eh?

Another thing about this site whilst I think of it ... when I was on the above mentioned holiday I think my .com's expired or something, so I've reverted back to the blogspot addresses (for both here and my old blog Mummy Mayhem). If you have this site linked anywhere, then it won't work. Neither will any links on this site - until I fix them (at some stage).

But this is just to let you know that I'm still here - albeit sparingly - and hope to be here a little more often than every seven months.



  1. Welcome back! Lovely to see you. xx

  2. Oh hello, lovely Ami! Thank you! So lovely to see you here too. xox

  3. WOW! Seven months! That is a long time!!
    Hope to see you posting more often!

    1. It flew by, MM. It's hard to imagine that once upon a time I couldn't go a few days without writing a blog post, isn't it? Tks for swinging by. ;)

  4. I'm also writing much less while we settle in to our new place. It's kind of refreshing to take a break. And when you do write, it feels great instead of a slog. x

    1. Absolutely agree with you, Lisa. My old blog felt more like a chore than anything else. xox


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