Thursday, January 3, 2013

Moving on

Apart from the fact the plan with this new site was always only to blog when I had something to say anyway, another reason for my lack of posts as of late is because I've had quite the project going on to distract me from here.

We sold our house.

Leading up to the sale late last year was MANIC. Especially for Mr A, who spent a lot of time getting our house looking purdy. You know - the house we'd imagined having when we bought it close to twelve years ago. (Typical, huh?)

And pretty it became. Floorboards were re-sanded and polished, painting completed and all those odd jobs we thought we'd get to 'one day' were done. After four weeks of keeping the house looking nothing short of pristine, through what felt like a thousand home opens (exhausting, I tell you), it sold to a lovely young couple with a toddler and another baby on the way.

So, we celebrated our last Christmas here, the last birthday celebrations were held (with one more to come before our departure) and we saw in a new year for the last time in our home.

Selling the house has evoked quite the mix of emotions. I'm sad I'm saying goodbye to the first home Mr A and I purchased. The memories of this house will stay with me forever: All three boys grew up here. They spoke their first words (Eldest Son: 'car', Middle Son: 'more', Youngest Son: 'mum'), took their first steps, ate their first solid foods and threw their first tantrums here.  This will be the last home of ours my parents will have visited. (They are too old to travel now.)

Not to mention how handy it has been living here. We're a few skips and a jump from school, close to the local shops and the buses in to the city and Eldest Son's school. It's so easy living here.

But I'm also excited. The idea of a new home with maybe a pool and some more space for my growing boys fills me with anticipation of what may be. I haven't moved house much in my forty-two years: from my family home in Perth to an apartment in Sydney with Mr A, then another apartment before moving to our house. That's it. So moving is still an adventure for me. (Although, ask me again how I feel about it after I've packed a gazillion boxes and unpacked them again.)

Saying goodbye will be hard - for all of us - but the promise of a new future and making new memories together is what will get us through.

Happy New Year, all.



  1. We made a move from our first home and our boys first home in July and have never looked back. It was amazing how quickly those attachments to the old memories were let go in favour of new memories in our new home. Enjoy

  2. Exciting times Jodie! Good luck with your move and Happy New Year to you too xx

  3. Ive moved a few times now and know the mix of emotions you're talking about. Best of luck on your new adventure :)

  4. Happy New Year, Jodie, to you and your family. It looks like it will certainly bring some change. It sounds as though you have not yet selected a new house; good luck with that.

    When we moved into our house, about thirty years ago, it was such a drama, that I decided, never again; they can carry me out of this one, but who knows.

    It is interesting how people fix up their house for selling (for obvious reasons), and make it the best it can be, or the way they had always wanted it, just to move out.

  5. Wow, that's huge news. Are you still staying in the same area? x

  6. Congratulations on selling your house and fairly quickly!
    I hope your new home is just perfect for you guys, and don't worry because you will fill it with loads of new memories.

  7. You must be on a roller coaster ride of emotions right now. Wishing you all the best with all your packing and a lot of excitement finding a new home!

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