Monday, July 9, 2012



Funnily enough, up until a year or so ago, I wasn't really a huge fan of school holidays. I love my children - absolutely 100% doodly do - but having them around 24/7 is sometimes ... challenging.

I have three boys. Three kids is not really the perfect number at times, it seems. One is always left out, and the one left out is usually annoying the other two, so, you know, there are squabbles and wrestling and tears and 'he won't leave us ALONE!' type situations going on ALL the time. Sometimes, that's not much fun.

Seeing I can't give one of my kids back (and most certainly do not WANT to - even though there are days I threaten one, two or all three that I'll sell them on eBay), the only other option is to have another child to even up the playing field.

Bahahahahaha...are you serious? Sorry, Mum - not gonna happen.

The obvious answer - always voiced by Mr A at the start of each school holidays when I start up my, 'The kids are driving me insane,' mantra - is to throw them in holiday camps: soccer, basketball, tennis, swimming - that sort of thing.

But I have a problem with that for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, my boys hate those camps. They just want to hang out at home, and seeing I'm here, I don't see why they shouldn't. When I was a kid, I loved just hanging around the house. Mostly, anyway. Over the summer break it got a bit boring not having a pal to hang with, but even though they fight occasionally, my boys have each other. They're buddies.

Secondly, the school holidays are a celebration of no scheduled activities. We have those in spades during the school term, not to mention having to get up by a set time each day just to get to school. The fact that, during school holidays, Eldest Son will often come in to my bedroom at 9am and say, 'Mum, you better get up. It's late," is just plain AWESOME. Getting them to a cold, wet soccer pitch by 9am from Monday through to Friday is even more work for me than when they're at school, seeing that we live about five houses from their school.

So now, school holidays are actually something I really look forward to.

I like not having to get up via my annoying alarm clock each morning.

I like that there is no sport scheduled (even if it's just one weekend - seriously, the soccer season is so damn long, do we really need to drag it out any longer by having a match the weekend after school breaks up, and the weekend before the new term starts?) OR training. I can certainly do without standing around in the cold until it starts to get dark two afternoons a week.

I like that I don't have to prepare packed lunches. I mean, yes, I usually end up making lunch for my kids anyway (they don't starve), but not having to make three lunches prior to 8am each morning is SO luxurious.

I like taking the kids to the park in the morning and not at the end of the day when it's getting cold and all I really want to do is remove my bra and get in to my comfy PJs at 4pm.

I like wearing my pyjamas ALL day some days.

I like letting my kids wear their pyjamas ALL day some days too.  

Yes - I rather like the school holidays. 




  1. When my kiddos were young I loved the school holidays at the beginning and we did a lot: swim lessons, church camp, Camp Fire Camp, sleepovers, etc. After a while I was so busy getting them to the various activities I was busier than when they were in school.

  2. There is something so nice about doing absolutely nothing. Hanging around the house is something I'm a big fan of, luckily my kids are too.

    And pj's all day... oh yes I love that!

  3. I can't do too much unstructured time as in the USA we have 11 weeks summer holiday so that is too much time for me to be lounging in my pyjamas. So for a few weeks I have the girls in half day camp where they do theatre, crafts etc and the amazing thing is they give them lunch. Leaving me time to do all those esential things like you know....aimlessly surf the internet!

  4. Who doesn't like the occasional "PJs all day" day?

    I found myself in the same situation as Jill of All Trades. Non stop!


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